Super Treasure Arena Unblocked

Light Switch

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Game Details

Super Treasure Arena Unblocked

Super Treasure Arena is a fast-paced multiplayer unlocked environment brawler with charming, retro-inspired pixel artwork graphics and a peppy, rocking soundtrack.

Select a personality and battle it out on tight top-down maps, crammed with offended monsters and glossy loot. Numerous weapons scattered throughout every map can be picked up and can provide help to blasting away your opponents, together with bows, magic staffs, bombs, rockets and lots of extra items!

The motion is quick and enjoyable, and with enemy gamers and monsters in all places, you will want to play again and again. Things and players you defeat will drop cash, and whoever collected probably the most of them by the top is the winner.

The game is really fast. You can keep it playing for hours without getting tired of it. Try to beat up all the opponents, and collect all the items to grow stronger and stronger. Try to be a warrior or a mage and have a lot of fun with this adventure free game.